The enduring beauty of Ilex Meserveae

In the world of evergreen shrubs, Ilex Meserveae, commonly known as the Blue Holly, stands out for its unique combination of hardiness and visual appeal. Originating from the Meserve Holly group, this plant is renowned for its striking deep blue-green leaves and robust nature, making it a favorite among gardeners and landscapers. Characteristics that make […]

Toxic plants: these plants are poisonous

Poisonous plants for pets and humans Poisonous plants for cats are notorious because these pets often chew on the plants to get rid of hairballs by vomiting. But there are also poisonous houseplants for dogs. Animals that eat plants usually recognise the ones they had better not eat, but even a rabbit can sometimes choose […]

Beautiful white flowering garden plants

White lilies White lilies have been a symbol of femininity, beauty and purity for centuries. The scent of the lily is one of the most beloved. The lily is a beautiful cut flower that behaves like a perennial in the garden. You can enjoy the splendour of this plant for years. Height: up to 1 […]